In collaboration with Olam Honduras 2019 has seen the start of a new Farmer Field Book project in Latin America. In Honduras, Arabica coffee is grown. However, productivity of coffee farmers in the department of Santa Bárbara is among the lowest in the country. To gain more insight in how farmer productivity can be improved, two-hundred coffee farmers in Santa Bárbara participate in the Farmer Field Book, or ‘el libro de campo’ in Spanish. For this program, the farmers record data on their daily farming activities. This data is collected frequently and digitized. Agri-Logic and Olam Honduras provide the farmers with individual profit-and-loss reports as well as group reports. This allows the farmers to compare their investments and results with each other and share knowledge on best farming practices. Group discussions among farmers are facilitated to stimulate them to further improve their coffee farming practices. For farmers with low coffee productivity it is difficult to compete with large-scale coffee producers such as exist in Brazil. Improving farmer productivity is a way to improve farmer income from coffee.