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Farmer Field Book

Many small-scale producers have limited insight into the relation between their investments and profitability. Similarly, investors in sustainability programmes are often unsure which of their interventions contribute most to enhanced farm-level productivity and profitability and how this affects their performance. 

The Farmer Field Book (FFB) is a software package with which farmers can keep track of their daily activities and investments. Supply chain managers and donors can generate agronomic and economic profit & loss statements for farmers and analyse the performance of their sustainability programmes. Currently, the FFB is implemented in 9 countries with over 6,000 farmers with 5 supply chain management companies, 2 manufacturers and 3 donors.

Agri-Logic Farmer Field Book brochure

Farmer Field Book

A sample of farmers records activities, inputs and outputs on a daily basis. Company field staff collects paper forms weekly or bi-weekly, after which data is digitised using FFB software. Farmers receive annual Profit & Loss statements and group reports, while companies and donors receive reports with advanced statistical analysis on programme effects and drivers of productivity and profitability. Yearly training sessions for participating farmers are held to discuss their results. Software and recording forms can be adapted to the local context (language, units of measurement, crops and products used, farming systems).

Benefits for farmers

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Case studies Farmer Field Book

Farmer Field Book for ISLA Vietnam

IDH’s landscapes programme, ISLA, works together with government, business and civil society to improve livelihoods and contribute to economic development while minimizing environmental harm. One of the focus regions is the Central Highlands region in Vietnam. To gain a better understanding of the effects of its interventions on farmers, industry and landscapes, rigorously collected data […]

Farmer segmentation for optimised service delivery

By assignment of IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, Agri-Logic conducts 4 farmer segmentation studies to optimise service delivery by Supply Chain Management companies to farmers, in order to increase the impact at farmer level. Many supply chain companies offer services to smallholder farmers to improve productivity, quality and profitability at farm level, and to secure their […]

Farmer Field Book on coffee farming in Honduras for Olam Honduras

In collaboration with Olam Honduras 2019 has seen the start of a new Farmer Field Book project in Latin America. In Honduras, Arabica coffee is grown. However, productivity of coffee farmers in the department of Santa Bárbara is among the lowest in the country. To gain more insight in how farmer productivity can be improved, […]