Consultancy, research & partnerships Netherlands and Nigeria

Experience in global agribusiness

From offices in The Netherlands and Nigeria, the Agri-Logic team has global experience in a wide range of commodities and sectors. We have worked for several decades in internationally traded cash crops including cocoa, coffee and tea, as well as food crops including fruits and vegetables, tubers and grains. 

Our clients and partners

We work for farmers, buyers and processors, investors, nonprofits and governments. Many of our projects are public private partnerships, and with many of our customers we have long term relationships.

Featured projects

Our services range from value chain analysis to impact assessments, investment due diligence and project management. Several of our projects use Farmer Field Book.

Value Chain Analysis Fruit Processing West Africa

This value chain analysis was commissioned by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) in order to identify the most promising product market combinations for processed fruit from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali. Mango has been identified as the most promising product market combination.  Compared to other African mango origins, the […]

Cocoa sustainability management Nigeria & Ghana

The cocoa sector is constantly considering sustainability. Low quality and low yields are a continued focus. Livelihoods, poverty, nutrition and education require attention. Most large chocolate makers have committed to sourcing 100% certified as sustainable in 2020. Many of these end buyers require increased volumes of certified cocoa, while considering their impact targets beyond 2020. […]

Expected Impact of Fertilizer Investment in Nigeria

For an international impact investor, Agri-Logic developed a point of view on the potential development impact of investment in fertilizer in Nigeria. With 34,000,000 hectares of arable land, Nigeria has the potential to be an agricultural powerhouse. Despite this, farmers constantly struggle with low yields and low product quality and the country is still a […]

Farmer Field Book for ISLA Vietnam

IDH’s landscapes programme, ISLA, works together with government, business and civil society to improve livelihoods and contribute to economic development while minimizing environmental harm. One of the focus regions is the Central Highlands region in Vietnam. To gain a better understanding of the effects of its interventions on farmers, industry and landscapes, rigorously collected data […]

African Coffee Investment Review

Via its Global Coffee Platform (GCP), the IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative seeks to make a significant impact on the global coffee sector. Africa features heavily in it’s strategy as an under-utilized source of significant new coffee volumes to meet growing demand. Ironically, much of the coffee and sustainability investments over the past 10-15 years have taken […]

Impact assessment UTZ coffee Vietnam

JDE Coffee is one of the largest buyers of UTZ Certified coffee world wide. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs the company co-funded a study to investigate the effects of training and UTZ certification on coffee farmers in Vietnam. Given their substantial commitment to the UTZ Certified programme as well as its significant investment […]

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